The Incubatore Campano, as leader of Innovation hub South Europe, is accredited by the Campania Region to the body code n. 03167/07/20 and in agreement with UNASF CONFLAVORO PMI has obtained the CFPT code EB00F611 and can carry out the training activities in frontal, remote and mixed mode.

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Agritech Academy

Topics covered

● Introduction to precision agriculture and supporting technologies;
● Remote sensing: satellite and drone data
● Sampling methods for phytosanitary monitoring and cultivation operations
● Forecasting models used in agriculture for irrigation, fertilization and crop protection
● Decision support systems
● Agro-meteorological station and sensors in the field
● Yield and prescription maps
● Product traceability
● Integrations with agricultural machinery
● Specific cases by crop (olive tree, vine, tobacco, etc.)

For who is it'

For professionals in the agricultural world to learn and train in the use of innovative tools useful in their daily work. Various levels of certification in the use of technologies to better support farms.
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Topics covered

● Soft skill
● AI
●. Employer Branding
● Smart Working
● Digital learning
● Online CRM for workers and businesses
● Systems for Orientation / Skills Balance
● Placement / Matching Systems
● Advanced e-Learning systems
● Systems for the certification of skills
● Systems for the management of corporate welfare / Work Life Balance / Diversity management

For who is it'

An Academy designed to support HR managers in their innovation process related to Performance Management, the ability to attract talents, the ability to stimulate the cultural renewal of their skills.
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Mobility Manager Academy

Topics covered

The Mobility Manager will be a key figure in corporate decisions and administrations. The training course includes all the dynamics of mobility, with a particular focus on electric and sustainable multi-mobility. From the analysis of the role of the Mobility Manager, his potential and ability to influence company strategies will emerge. In addition to the home-work travel plan (PSCL), the interrelationships with health, Bikeconomy, smart cities, tourism of the future, urban and territorial regeneration, the impacts on the choices of companies and administrations will be studied. Thanks to the agreement with the Bike Economy Observatory, GEOsmartcampus has created the “Mobility Manager Academy”, the first of the new “Skills Training” Academy.

The objectives

Thanks to the agreement with the Bike Economy Observatory, GEOsmartcampus has created the “Mobility Manager Academy”, the first of the new “Skills Training” Academy.
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The innovation enabled by the introduction of new therapies and technologies can give a huge boost in rethinking the organization, governance and skills of the system itself, reviewing in particular the relationship between citizen / patient and operators and socio-health structures throughout the path of prevention and treatment.


An Academy created to support innovation and the digitalization process in Healthcare for the creation of a new Digital Healthcare. The Academy sees the collaboration of the Scientific Digital Health Association (ASSD)
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Smart manager


● Practice
● Design Thinking
● Subsidized Finance
● Digital twin
● Planning
● Smart Working
● Smart Learning
● Social media
● Data Scientist
● Digital Culture
● Geomarketing
● Digital Experience


Through this Academy we want to provide the main Steps and Foundations to transform and manage your company or process in an ever more efficient way, through the use of increasingly innovative methods and approaches linked to the use of new technologies.
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Blue Academy

Topics covered

Technology and knowledge as key elements for the research and development of an innovative ecosystem made up of researchers, companies and policy makers and bodies that want to train professionals capable of contributing to the development of prevention and conservation activities of the maritime heritage.

The objectives

Blue Academy was created for the Innovation, Culture, Environment, Energy, Use, Work and Reception of the oceans and their sustainability and protection. The Academy, born from the collaboration between Geosmartcampus, Ambiente Mare Italia and the European Green Deal Lab, aims to contribute to the training of professionals who work every day in the innovability and development of cutting-edge technologies for the sustainability of the Sea.
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Geospatial Academy

the objectives of the Academy

The Geospatial Academy was created with the aim of providing a knowledge point dedicated to the basic concepts and methodologies for the management of geospatial information and for the acquisition of skills dedicated to the collection, processing, analysis and use of data and technologies associated with the component. geographic or localization.

The applications of geospatial analysis

● Urbanization monitoring and mapping of structures, networks and buildings;
Environmental monitoring;
● Management and monitoring of transport and mobility;
● Climate monitoring and weather forecasting;
● Monitoring of the risks of natural disasters and management of relief interventions;
● Monitoring of cultural heritage and sites;
● Monitoring and planning for sustainable development and land use;
● Monitoring of parameters for socio-demographic analysis
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Mentor Academy

Topics covered

● Have complex problem solving skills
● Have Critical Thinking skills
● Have creativity and emotional intelligence skills
● Have Service orientation skills
● Having the capacity of Cognitive flexibility
● Have project management skills
● Have the ability to work in a team.
● Have an aptitude for contamination.
● Digital Skills and Social Networks
● Vertical skills in marketing and web marketing, communication and media relations, branding, commercial development, economic-financial planning and management, fundraising and investment attraction.
● Learn about the empowerment process
● Be active and involved in the life of our community.

The goals of the academy

The Academy, born from the collaboration between Geosmartcampus and Murate Idea Park and with the IBM Partnership, aims to contribute to the development of the Innovation System through the involvement and training of professionals who work daily in the world of innovation. For this reason, the Academy aims to select and train professionals to be included in their work group and train those who want to propose themselves as Mentors to companies, who want to start a path of digital transformation and innovation.
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Thinking Academy

Topics covered

Through the themes and the interventions of the guests, through initiatives that are and will be carried out, the Thinking Academy is a "gym of thought" that wants to try to respond to the need to confront and give answers to the social transformation we are experiencing (change of era ) towards the birth of a Smart Society where man can meet his needs efficiently and sustainably.

The goals of the academy

The Thinking Academy, organized by GEOsmartcampus in collaboration with The Global Eye by Prof. Marco Emanuele and The Science of Where Magazine, wants to contribute to the development of human thought, between vision and common sense, illustrating the main steps and foundations of knowledge in order to understand the scenarios of innovation and advance in understanding the world in which we are in order to seize and welcome the opportunities and risks of an already present future.
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Why choose The Innovation Hub South Europe

Training Italy

The Campanian Incubator by joining the CFPT network of UNASF Conflavoro PMI which is recognized as per note in point 2 letter l) of the State Regions Agreement of 7 July 2016 is accredited to provide training courses provided for by Legislative Decree 81.2008 smi in all Italian regions .

Blended E-learning classroom

The headquarters of Innovation hub South Europe at the‘Incubatore Campano it is equipped with two training rooms with a capacity of 35 and 15 seats with COVID remote safety seats and equipped with lim whiteboard and video projectors, a computer room with 15 seats and two laboratories for both electronic and mechanical mechatronics.

Assistance and advice

All the technical and scientific support necessary to be facilitated and updated on the latest regulatory news.

HSE information

Continuous and constant updating of information on hygiene, environment, health and safety in the workplace.

professional network

Innovation hub South Europe through the Incubatore Campano in its Campania offices and by means of FAD acts not only as a training body but also as a promoter to create new professional synergies for the strengthening of SMEs.

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