Digital Acceleration Program

The acceleration program of the Geosmartcampus dedicated to Digital Transformation, based on Digital Geography and integration with the most important technological platforms.

Digital Acceleration Program

is a scouting and acceleration program aimed at startups and SMEs (already established as companies) and projects (with a defined proof of concept) to support them in transforming their projects into products / companies for the market.

How to submit your project

01. Download the forms and fill them out

02. Send the forms away
e-mail to:

When you can submit your project

E-mails can be sent:

For each Selection (April, August, December) no more than 3 Projects will be chosen.

The application areas will focus on the following macro sectors:

Agriculture, Banking, Communication, Cultural Heritage, Educational, Energy, Environment, Gaming, Geomarketing, Governance, Health, Insurance, Living, Logistics, Marketing, Manufactoring, Publishing, Real Estate, Security, Space, Sport, Tourism, Mobility & Transportation, Utility, Water.

How does it work
the selection

Projects admitted to the program

Projects admitted to the program will have access to a unique international acceleration platform with the possibility of:

depending on the solution to be developed and starting from Esri’s ArcGIS platform, use the technological platforms of our Partners (CISCO, IBM, SAS);

according to the solution to be developed, train on the products and services of our Technological Partners;

● train on the subjects and training courses of our Scientific and Professional Partners;
● professional support in the development of one’s own solution, in the phases of the “Project Life Cycle”, in order to successfully complete the project;

● Marketing & Communication support for the promotion of your solution;
● networking services for identifying the skills and resources necessary for the development of the project;

● support and guidance in the selection of specialist consultants;

● support in the search for partners aimed at facilitating business relations with potential players of a technological, productive and commercial nature on a national and international level;

● support in the search for customers to facilitate the development of commercial activities in the national and international fields;

● insert their CV in the “Geosmartcampus Consulting”, the database of independent consultants of the Geosmartcampus and receive possible job offers;

● involvement in events, meetings, fairs and training sessions organized by the Geosmartcampus;

● involvement in communication and Brand Awareness activities developed by the Geosmartcampus.

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