Orientation services

The guidance services are totally free to established businesses and are used to provide information on important aspects for the start-up and management of the business:

Administrative and legal services

Who is the service for

Aspiring start uppers who seek assistance on administrative and legal issues for the launch of their innovative business, without anything being left to intuition and improvisation.
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What can we do for you

We will help you to identify the most suitable company types and the best legal form; choose the entrepreneurial team; disentangle between administrative, bureaucratic, civil and fiscal obligations; help him in assessing the aptitude for self-employment.

Public financing

What can we do for you

We assure you the possibility to search, in an accurate and targeted way, the local, regional, national and European public facilities, both of a transversal and sectorial nature.

how can you find new opportunities

You can consult the opportunities available on the Incubatore Campano website at any time. You can also subscribe to the Incubatore Campano newsletter, to receive the news offered by the European calls by e-mail.

Opportunity markets and trade fairs

What can we do for you

We offer reports to get a general economic and political framework on specific foreign countries, collect information on customs, tax and legislative regulations, on financing and the banking system


We offer you the assistance and initial information service for market orientation, for the search for investment opportunities and for the search for trade fairs and events that could be of interest to your business.
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Temporary Manager

What can we do for you

We offer the opportunity, through the collaboration of Conflavoro Campania, to fix an initial exploratory interview in order to evaluate the inclusion of a Temporary Manager in your company.

What is the temporary manager

The Temporary manager is a highly specialized professional who, for a fixed period of time and without entering the company organization chart, helps you to solve a limited problem.
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What can we do for you

We will help you to increase the level of competitiveness and innovativeness, both on national and international markets, your company can join with other companies and give life to collaborations, without having to merge or merge under the control of a single subject, to pursue the following objectives :
1.Increase the critical mass;
2. To have greater strength and competitiveness on national and international markets;
3. Have greater bargaining force;
4. Increase mutual innovative capacity;
5. To obtain administrative, financial and research and development facilities.
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What can we do for you

Through the experience and professionalism of APL and Campania Forma Srl with which the Incubatore Campano collaborates and which makes use of accredited bodies, among other things with the Apprenticeship Observatory of the Campania Region, we assure you of personalized and qualified assistance. on delicate and complex issues such as those relating to human resources, namely:
1.Research and selection;
2.Regulatory and contractual advice;
3.Consulting for access to funding for staff training;
4.Consulting for the job placement of subjects belonging to protected categories;
5. Evaluation on the best type of contract to apply.


Protection and intellectual property

What can we do for you

The Patent Information Point of the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta is at your disposal, which promotes the culture of "intellectual property" and encourages the correct use of the protection tools provided for by the Industrial Property Code.
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