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Call for Start-up 2022

Incubatore Campano Srl, through the Innovation Hub South Europe brand, in order to support the creation and development of innovative entrepreneurial initiatives within the Innovation Hub in Caserta, issues a call for selection for the assignment of 5 vouchers of the maximum value of € 22,000.00

Application deadline:

April 21, 2022

Who we are

Incubatore Campano through its network helps the development of ideas!

Incubatore Campano Srl is an Innovation Hub in which over 15 companies and more than 30 professionals operate, and thanks to a national agreement with Conflavoro PMI, it relates to a certified network of 83,000 SMEs that play the role of the first market for incubated startups. As a multisectoral and multidisciplinary reality, both startups and consolidated SMEs operate within it and all issues related to Industry 4.0, agriculture 5.0, construction 4.0 and training new skills are developed.

Who can participate?






Aspiring Entrepreneurs *


Micro-enterprises or SMEs

final event on May 7th

5 Vouchers worth € 22,000 for services inside the Campanian Incubator, the Geosmartcampus Accelerator and NoBrain srl


First Phase

Preliminary examination of ideas: selection of a maximum of 30 applications from all participation applications correctly received.

Second phase

Direct interview with candidates in order to select a maximum of 15, who will be assigned a tutor with whom to draft or perfect the presentation pitch of the project.

Third Phase

Final evaluation of the pitches by a jury of technicians selected from the various partners participating in the project. Each startup will have a maximum of 15 minutes including any questions to best expose the strengths of their entrepreneurial initiative.

The partners of the call

Promoter Members

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Pasquale Brancaccio

Campano Srl Incubator Director


Guido Fabbri

Co-Founder & GM Geosmartcampus Srl


Ciro Daniele



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