In the initial phase, looking for the suitable place for the birth of the startup company, we understood that we would have to rent a space suitable for our purpose but for the right size and its cost optimization we could have expanded our business opportunity for which we opted for. the direct name of Incubatore Campano for not having a limitation of the province of Caserta only since the members were from two provinces.

The activities of the hUB


Requirements for access

The activities'


The pre-incubation activities are intended for companies or aspiring entrepreneurs who show an interest in settling inside the incubator. The pre-incubation activities therefore include a first phase of scouting innovative ideas. Subsequently, they have the objective of supporting and assisting the entrepreneur in the definition of the business idea, in the preparation of the business plan and project management for a period ranging from 6 to 18 months.


The incubated companies have the right to be assigned an exclusive suitable space, their “cube” where they can give life to the development of their business idea (between 30 and 60 square meters in size) complete with a telephone line on an internal voip system with its own numbering o a dedicated workstation in a coworking space, complete with electrical system, telephony, fiber data network and autonomous air conditioning; The assignment of the space / module depends, in addition to the type of premises indicated by the company, on availability at the time of publication of the outcome of the evaluation of the application. The maximum incubation duration for an enterprise is 36 months (3 years) from the date the incubation agreement is signed

Post Incubation

In the third phase, that of post Incubation, the Incubator offers services to the new Partnership entrepreneur, connections with external subjects and strategic partners, Internationalization.

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